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Belt-type feeder

The present invention provides a belt-type feeder which can reduce the wastage of electronic component as possible in setting a belt even in a mode that the external sealing belt stripped from a stripping part is crossed with a material loading strip for discharging downwards. The belt-type feeder strips the external sealing belt from the material loading strip through the stripping part for exposing the electronic component and feeding to a picking position. Furthermore a first guiding part which is provided at the upstream side and above the material loading strip compared with the stripping part so that the external sealing belt after stripping is crossed with the material loading belt in midway for guiding the material loading belt downwards thereby discharging the external sealing belt through a discharging unit. The belt-type feeder is provided with a second guiding part which guides the external sealing belt guided from the first guiding part, a third guiding part which guides the external sealing belt guided from the second guiding part to the discharging unit, so that a guiding surface of the second guiding part, which contacts with the belt surface of the external sealing belt for guiding the external sealing belt, is configured to inclined relatively to the feeding direction of the material loading belt.  

Last status change: 24-Dec-2014 / Fill date: 17-Mar-2010

IPC: H05K13/02

Applicants: JUKI KK,  


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Electronic component mounting device

The invention discloses an electronic component mounting device, which quickly and high accurately mounts the electronic component. The electronic component mounting device is provided with: a location measuring unit which measures the location of an adsorption electronic component relative to an adsorption nozzle according to a light receiving width of incident light in the X-axis direction; an action control unit which controls the mounting action; and an allowable maximum acceleration storage unit which stores the allowable maximum acceleration of a driving source in the X-axis direction with respect to each electronic component. The action control unit and the electronic component to be mounted correspondingly obtain the allowable maximum acceleration of the driving source in the X-axis direction. Furthermore, the action control unit performs the following control, i.e., setting restriction period which restricts the acceleration of the driving source in the X-axis direction to the allowable maximum acceleration when employing a mounting head shifting mechanism to shift the mounting head from a component supply portion to a substrate of a substrate holding portion, so that the location measuring unit can measure the location of the electronic component.  

Last status change: 17-Dec-2014 / Fill date: 14-Jul-2010

IPC: H05K13/08 , H05K13/04

Applicants: JUKI KK,  


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