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Patent (published before 1973)


A method and valve for fracturing of a formation intersected by a wellbore is disclosed. A tool and method for fracturing and perforating is also disclosed. The method allows for fracturing treatment fluid to be pumped down a coiled tubing string to the formation without the use of sleeves and ball-seat valves. The fracturing valve is adapted to be connected in a tubing string. The valve comprises a tubular mandrel having a throughbore continuous with the tubing string, and having a frac window extending through the tubular mandrel. A wedge-shaped member is disposed within tubular mandrel below the frac window. An outer sleeve is radially disposed around the outer surface of the tubular mandrel The outer sleeve includes a sleeve port disposed in a sidewall of the outer sleeve. The tubular mandrel is moveable relative to the sleeve by application and release of set down weight on the coiled tubing string in which the valve is installed. When the valve is in closed position (e g tubing string is extended or pulled up), no fluid communication from the tubing string out of the frac window is possible. When the valve is in an open position (e.g. tubing string is compressed or pushed down), fluid communication from the tubing string through the aligned window and port is enabled. The valve can be installed in a downhole tool having a perforation device, allowing for fracturing to be carried out following perforation, without the need to trip uphole between fracturing and perforation.  

Last status change: 10-Jan-2015 / Fill date: 10-Jul-2013