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Mobile measuring device for the range of motion of the cervical spine

Neck pain is a common complaint in medical practices. This pain could be associated with the range of motions of cervical spine (i.e. the rotational motions about X, Y and Z axis) These motions need to be continuously and correctly measured in order to read the cause of this problem. Typical goniometer and inclinometer are still used in medical practices for such measurement and assessment. These devices are lacking accuracy and reliability and they are impractical if they need to be used by patients at home to follow up their treatment progress. Cervical spine motions can also be studied using MRI and dynamic stereo X-ray imaging techniques. However, these techniques are complicated, not pleasant for the patient and may have negative adverse effects on the patient's health in the case of X-ray radiation. The novelty in this current work is in the design and embodiment of an invasive mobile electronic system, to routinely and accurately measure the range of motion of the human cervical spine without putting the patient under the risk of X-ray or unpleasant experience of MRl. The design of this system consists of three devices: head; shoulder and visual and control devices. These devices communicate with each other wirelessly and are lightweight, easy to handle and powered by low DC voltage. This mobile system has the ability to be interfaced with a PC or other mobile devices.  

Last status change: 17-Dec-2014 / Fill date: 10-Dec-2013

IPC: A61B5/00

Applicants: SALEH MOHAMAD,  


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Electronically controlled gear shifter for a bicycle

An electronic system controlled by a micro-controller for automatically shifting gears while cycling a bicycle, the system can be attached to or removed from most modern bicycles without compromising the structural integrity of the bicycle, the cyclist can choose to use the system or to change gears manually. The system is controlled by a micro-controller. The micro-controller is programmed to calculate how fast the cyclist is pedalling using a reed switch. Based on this information the system automatically selects the correct bicycle gear. The system uses a servo motor to either apply or release tension on the gear cable which causes the rear derailleur to change the bicycle gear. The system is attached to the bicycle without the bicycle needing to be modified and without damaging the bicycle, it achieves this by using the hex bolts on the crossbar to mount the control box and servo motor. The reed switch is mounted using a custom made bracket made from sheet aluminium which is attached with cable ties and the dashboard box is mounted using a bicycle camera mount. The cyclist can have the system shift the gears automatically for them but can still shift gears manually when the system is powered off, as the servo motor moves freely when it has no power.  

Last status change: 17-Dec-2014 / Fill date: 07-Jan-2014

IPC: B62M25/00

Applicants: WALSH CONOR,  

Authors: WALSH CONOR, 

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